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The Book of Ruth follows a family’s visit at the grandmother’s house on the night of the Seder. Later that night the granddaughter, Lizzy, confronts her grandma, Ruth, about something she’d suspected for years.

The Book of Ruth is a story that will engage people in conversation, about memory, symbolism and even the downside of fame. The fact that the script was accepted to many festivals and competitions is a testament to the fact that people are interested in the story before it even reached production. 

This story centers around women and was written by a woman. Ideally, we'd love to have a female lead crew and contribute (even if only somewhat) in helping to close the gender gap in the film industry.

About the writer and executive producer

Chen Drachman is an Israeli-American. She’s been living in NYC for eight years. A permanent resident through an application of excellence in the field of production, actress and a writer with scripts that have been both finalists and official selections in festivals throughout the US and abroad. She was a film and TV major in Israel (graduated with honors) and an acting major at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC. She was most recently seen on the Hulu series The Path starring Emmy award winner Aaron Paul.

A list of festivals to which her scripts got accepted can be found here.

Official website. 

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